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  In addition to diagnosis and treatment of common and popular diseases, our medical experts have actively applied the novel and innovative technologies into clinical practice to treat many incurable diseases and complete a number of comprehensive operations. IMPH is put at a pioneer position leading the medical service in the region by numerous achievements, such as allogeneic liver transplantation, kidney transplant, intracardiac intervention, gene therapy, cardiac valve replacement, joint replacement, coronary artery bypass graft, ceratoplasty, cochlear implantation, minimally invasive surgery, hemopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), 3D-laparoscopic operation , assisted reproductive technology, and et al. Over the past a few decades, IMPH has made many regional records in the field of medicine. For example, the first thoracotomy lobectomy in 1954; the first radical resection of esophageal carcinoma in 1956; the first allogenic kidney transplantation in 1987; the first broodstock transplantation of kidney in 2007; and the first child-to-adult heart-deceased-donor kidney transplantation in 2013. In 2014, after the successful completion of the first hybrid coronary revascularization in IMPH, we are positioned to lead the therapy of cardiovascular diseases at the national level.
  Recently, many new technologies and methods have been used for clinical services, which include cancer biotherapy, tumor radiation therapy by particle implantation, skin CT scan, cosmetic laser surgery, long-pulsed laser treatment of onychomycosis, ultra-early thrombolytic therapy in acute stroke, laser closed therapy of great saphenous veins, treatment of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), acoustic neuroma resection, standard decompressive craniectomy, a small skull window craniotomy, aneurysm occlusion, upper cervical/brain stem tumorectomy, endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery, laparoscopic cholecystectomy , laparoscopic common bile duct exploration ( LCDE ), radical nephrectomy of hilar cholangiocarcinoma, hemihepatectomy, spleen-preserving distal pancreatectomy, ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy , laparoscopic cystectomy, laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, mitter treatment of articular fractures, minimally invasive treatment of elderly patients with hip fractures internal and external fixation, four mini - invasively treatment of femoral head necrosis, composite tissue transplantation in the treatment of bone defect, nonunion, hip replacement, knee replacement, arthroscopic various disorders, percutaneous discectomy, radiofrequency ablation, the annulus shape forming technique, transformational endoscopic radiofrequency ablation of treat joint pain through dorsal medial branch, sneak decompression therapy for lumbar diseases, and so on.