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  The hospital has expanded their reach by actively participating in social medical affairs, offered by the government and companies, and taking on their social responsibility to carry out the medical policies benefiting the people. It provides neediest residents with fee exemptions and financial support. IMPH also sends their medical activities to the countryside, which can help local people solve the difficulty of getting medical service every year. Apart from this, our hospital affords the responsibility of medical care to "Prairie Mother" –Du guima, commonly used drugs and condolences are included.
  Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was an important public health paroxysmal incident in 2013. During the process, IMPH took active part in emergency treatment as the pioneer of regional health system. All the patients with fever, total 1416 patients were admitted to hospital, the cure rate is 96.2% , mortality 3.8%, hospital cross-infection 0.19%, which meet the requirements of Health Ministry. The hospital also sent a medical team consisted with professional staff to the disaster area immediately after the Great wenchuan earthquake of 2008 for the rescue work of victims.
  Hospital Union, set up by IMPH as the leader and other 100 grass-roots hospitals at the end of 2011, has now grown up to 141 members. Our hospital has invested significant amount of manpower since the union was founded. 53 medical teams were sent to 21 league hospital for medical assistance and technical guidance. At the same time, academic conferences are regularly organized, vocational rehabilitation are provided for traineeships , which have received great effort.